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Who is Goddess Nuit?


The ancient Egyptians worshiped Goddess Nuit (prounounced “Newt” or “Nut”) as the Goddess of the Sky. She wraps around the Earth like a gorgeous tapestry or cloak.  Our view of the sky, whether we look out to the horizon or gaze upward, offers us not only our daily sustenance in the forms of sun and rain but a glimpse into the Heavens.

And the Heavenly sky – Space — holds the stars and planets; those physical bodies exert a force upon us here on Earth.

Consider the Moon, which astronomically is a chunk of rock caught in the orbit of our planet. But the Moon is so much more than that.  It affects the weather, moves the tides and impacts everything here on the Earth as she reflects the light of our most important and life-giving Star, the Sun.

When you consider heavenly bodies and their impact upon us, open up to possibility; consider the size and scale of our magnificent Universe. It would take 1,300 Earths to fill Jupiter; it would take 1.3 million Earths to fill the Sun which is but one star. 

All is connected, As Above, So Below …