The twelve signs of the zodiac are the filter through which the energy of the planets OR the houses is expressed.  This energy is influenced by many factors, including the placement of the planet and the interaction of the planet with other planets.  The fundamental energies are:

♈ Aries: I am (horns of a ram)

♉ Taurus: I have (horns of a bull)

♊ Gemini: I think (the twins)

♋ Cancer: I feel (claws of a crab)

♌ Leo: I will (tail of a lion)

♍ Virgo: I analyze (symbol of a virgin)

♎ Libra: I balance (the scales)

♏ Scorpio: I desire (scorpion stinger)

♐ Sagittarius: I aspire (archer’s arrow)

♑ Capricorn: I use (sea goat)

♒ Aquarius: I know (lines of astral current)

♓ Pisces: I believe (the fish)


Aries (March 22-April 21)

Tendencies: Fire, energy, enthusiasm; sexuality. These people get things done; they are impulsive, on fire, ready to go.  Sometimes they look before they leap.

High Vibration:  In charge, self-assured, full of energy.

Low Vibration:  Power seeking, hothead; someone who just is looking for a fight; they can use sex as a distraction.

Ruler:  Mars

Taurus (April 22-May 21)

Tendencies:  Security, strength, sensuality.  These folks are steady, tried and true.  They also can get very stuck in patterns and unable to move forward.

High Vibration:  Reliable, hard working, grounded; true sensualists; they are usually great cooks and amazing lovers.

Low Vibration:  Lazy, jealous, unforgiving; beyond stubborn; beware pissing off a Taurus; they will never forget, even if they do forgive.

Ruler:  Venus

Gemini (May 22 –June 21)

Tendencies:   A deep thinker; flitting from one thing to another; needs LOTS of information.  Often too stuck in the mind, unable to see the reality of things because of their own mental creations.

High Vibration:  Skilled communicator; can see many levels; love of learning; very social, loads of friends and activities.

Low Vibration:  Scattered; stressed; unable to foundation or create a firm base; creating problems with their minds and overthinking.

Ruler:  Mercury

Cancer (June 22-July 21)

Tendencies:   Home/Hearth/Family.  This is their go-to; they want a secure home base, and they are willing to fight to protect it.  Way more sensitive than you can think or imagine; they act tough, but they are tender (think crab with a thin shell and a delicate body).

High Vibration:  Intuitive feelers; they know what everyone needs.  They want to create security and safety; caretakers.

Low Vibration:  Soaking up negativity and getting lost in it; living in their emotional body and unable to use their mind to find a state of balance; utterly indecisive; overly possessive.

Ruler:  Moon

Leo (July 22-August 21)

Tendencies:  Strength, Power, Limelight.  Leos should never be behind the scene.  They are usually beautiful, eye-catching creatures full of energy and magnetism.

High Vibration:  Intuition; leadership; the perfect balance of strength/charm/wit; you want to be around these people, they are fun.

Low Vibration:  Power hungry; anything for attention; major drama.  They must always be careful because they can be flattered into ignoring their own brilliant intuition. Low Leo is so sad to see because their potential is incredible, but their need for attention can exhaust anyone’s resources.

Ruler:  Sun

Virgo (August 22-September 21)

Tendencies:  Virgos are perfectionists; very hard on themselves and also on those around them.  They are organizers and they can see what needs to be done.

They are the “Virgin who gives birth to perfection.” And the sad truth is – we are humans, there is no perfection here.

High Vibration:  Organization; leadership; crystallize the vision.  If you are in charge, you want a Virgo as your right-hand-woman.  Precision, honesty, grounding.

Low Vibration:  Critical; harsh; truthful to the point of hurting others; especially hyper-critical of themselves, often to the point of being unable to function.

Ruler:  Mercury

Libra (September 22-October 21)

Tendencies:  Peace is their default; they dislike conflict; are great lovers of beauty, knowledge, wisdom and balance. They are the only astrology symbol that is an inanimate object, which is an interesting symbol.

High Vibration:  Those who love the peace enough to fight for it; helpful, understanding; creating beauty/harmony and the ability to see what will bring those sacred gifts to others.  Peacemakers with good boundaries.

Low Vibration:  Allowing themselves to be crushed by others, often because they feel it is noble to give to the point of self-harm; Libras tend towards an inability to make choices or decisions; inability to set boundaries, say yes when they mean no and then are unhappy.

Ruler:  Venus

Scorpio (October 22-November 21)

Tendencies:  These people want to know the truth; they want to dig into the darkest recesses of humanity and they appreciate their own intensity. They are magnetic and incredibly powerful. The ancient symbol for Scorpio was the Eagle, so they always have a choice of going high or low.

High Vibration:  Tuned into the beyond; ability to see and appreciate all levels of humanity, they value the darkness as much as the light; beautiful intensity, desire to learn and understand at the deepest level.  More like the Eagle.

Low Vibration:  Just digging into the darkness; making messes with no aim or understanding; sex for power; secrets for no good reason; obsessive, manipulative; self-destructive.  More like the Scorpion.

Ruler:  Pluto (ancient Ruler, Mars)

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Tendencies:  These are the party/fun people of the zodiac; we all enjoy their company.  They go big, live large and want to learn and experience life. They are the preachers, the teachers, the worldly ones.

High Vibration:  Higher education; spreading information; bringing joy; traveling/learning/connecting.

Low Vibration:  Getting lost in partying and playing; trying to be the image of themselves instead of being authentically themselves.  Always going too big and over-extending.

Ruler:  Jupiter

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

Tendencies:  These folks work hard; they are organizers, blending the information they receive from their fabulous intuition with their ability to dig in and work hard.  The ancient esoteric symbol is a sea goat.  Often now depicted as just a goat which loses the complicated nuances of the sign. These people can work confidently in the realms of Earth and Water ie practical and emotional wisdom.

High Vibration:  Organization, connection, action; visionary with an ability to foundation their vision; accumulators, they make things; wisdom with enough truth to make it real.

Low Vibration:  Accumulating things and physical manifestations of success; getting lost in the darkness of their desire to get it all right; too caught up in specific goals, not enough trust in the process.

Ruler:  Saturn

Aquarius (January 22-February 21)

Tendencies:  These folks are rebels, though not in an obvious way.  They stray from the norm, find their own way; they see the future and need an enormous amount of freedom.

High Vibration:  They know things before their time; ability to connect to what is coming; very intuitive on a larger scale with dreams and ideas of how to make the world at large a better place.

Low Vibration:  Often they are more concerned with the world than their own friends or family; humanitarians with no connection to humanity — too detached; looking so far forward they lose track of now.

Ruler:  Uranus (ancient Ruler was Saturn)

Pisces (February 22-March 21)

Tendencies:  The most sensitive sign of the zodiac; it is very hard to be a Pisces during these times.  Porous personalities; they pick up whatever “water” they are swimming in.  Very intuitive; caring; humanitarian in a connected way; spiritual; psychic; scattered.

High Vibration:  These people are priestesses, healers, connectors; they understand what is happening as long as they do not drown in it.  Kind, sensitive, sweet.

Low Vibration:  Ultra Neptunian, as in they can get lost in their own minds; lost in drugs or alcohol or other substances; can be so ungrounded as to not get anything accomplished.  Regular Earth-plane things like paying bills, keeping up with their car keys, these things can elude them.

Ruler:  Neptune (ancient Ruler Jupiter)