Here are the glyphs/symbols for each Planet. Like I said, this is a language ….

PLANETS:  Force; energy

Sun ☉

Moon ☽

Mercury ☿

Venus ♀

Mars ♂

Jupiter ♃

Saturn ♄

Uranus ♅

Neptune ♆



A basic introduction to the energies of the Planets; and YES, Pluto is still a Planet according to astrology.

Moon:  Fluctuation, Emotionality, Response

Your Moon sign tells you how you emotionally respond to your world; children tend to strongly reflect their moon signs because they are more in their emotional body. This sign tells you about your Mother; and your own mothering energy.


Mercury:  Communications, Mentality, Transport

Your Mercury explains how you think and how you communicate, both with others and with yourself.  It indicates how you are perceived or heard by others when you talk or write. It also relates to siblings and short journeys (sleeping in your own bed that night).


Venus:  Harmony, Love, Beauty

Venus by sign tells you what you find beautiful, attractive, interesting.  What you find to be valuable.  It also explains how you want to give and receive love.  It is important to know this about yourself and also about the person that you want to experience your love energy.


Sun:  Power, Vitality, Self-Expression

Your Sun is how you express yourself in the world; how you bring forth your light and shine.  Usually it is the most fundamental expression of self, but there can be other mitigating factors in the chart which filter the energy.


Mars:  Energy, Heat, Activation

Your Mars is how you express action or activity and bring forth your personal power into the world; how you fight and how you love can also be wrapped up in this energy.  This is the Knight in shining armor, who is either rescuing/helping/standing up for something; or battling/arguing/abusing power.


Jupiter:  Expansion, Optimism, Preservation

Jupiter is how you want to grow and expand into the world; what you want to magnify and increase and also where you will tend to have luck. It is considered the “greater benefic” though we all know that too much of a good thing can become a negative influence.


Saturn:  Limitation, Constriction, Foundation

Saturn by sign tells you how you experience restriction; where you must create a firm foundation and where you receive your more difficult learning experiences.  Saturn is sometimes called the Black Angel; Saturn is your strict teacher.

The following outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) all have a generational effect because they move so slowly through the chart; usually everyone around you age has this planet in the same sign.


Uranus:  Unexpected, Sudden, Disruptive Change

Uranus by sign indicates how you will seek freedom and bring change into your world.  It can feel like synchronicity or it can feel chaotic and random.   Its energy in any sign is electrical in nature.


Neptune:  Nebulousness, Impressionability, Inspiration

Neptunian energy shows how you connect spiritually; it can be confusion, illusion or intuition, depending on the high or low expression of the energy.


Pluto:  Renewal, Regeneration, Elimination

Pluto indicates how you will experience radical transformation.  This planet moves very slowing through your chart and will influence only a small sector of your chart in a lifetime; remember though she may be small, she is fierce!