Medical Astrology

“As there are stars in the heavens, so there are stars within man, for there is nothing in the universe which has not its equivalent in the microcosm.” (the human body)   Man derives his spirit from the constellations (fixed stars), his soul from the planets, and his body from the elements.”  — Paracelsus

* Photo Source – The Farmers’ Almanac

Aries rules the face, head, upper jaw and the adrenal glands. Aries is prone to migraines, head injuries, sinus pressure.

Taurus rules the neck, throat, thyroid gland, vocal cords and ears; they are prone to thyroid issues, sore throats, neck pain.

Gemini rules the nervous and respiratory systems; the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers; and the thymus gland. Gemini is prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety problems, smoking-related illnesses, breathing issues.

Cancer rules the breasts, chest and stomach and relates strongly to movement of the fluids of those systems (breast milk, digestive juices, etc.). Cancer can have digestion problems,coughs and struggles with weight.

Leo rules the heart and spine. Disorders manifest as heart attacks, heart disease, fevers and other heat-related disorders; as well as issues with the spine, spinal nerves, fluid or marrow.

Virgo rules the abdomen —  digestive system/bowels and solar plexus.  Virgo affects the nervous system intensively and because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo any worries or afflictions of the mind show up in the digestive system.  Tendency towards hypochondria.

Libra rules the kidneys and low back/lumbar spine and the endocrine system.  Problems can manifest in the kidneys as well as the nervous system.  Goswami Kriyananda teaches that Librans require care as to their acid/alkaline balance and need to be more careful about their liquid consumption than other signs.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, bladder and colon.  Disorders can manifest by way of complications to any of the sexual and regenerative organs.

Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, liver and blood.  Disorders that arise include sciatica, gout, and joint dislocations as well as blood disorders and wounds in general.

Capricorn rules the knees and spleen, as well as death and decay in general.  Capricorn relates to the structure of the body (bones/teeth/skin).  Capricorns require more physical exercise than other signs and also tends towards despondency and depression.

Aquarius rules the ankles, calves and distribution of bodily fluids/circulatory system, as well as the pineal gland.

Pisces rules the feet, and are also very sensitive psychically.  Most are super-sensitive to drugs and intoxicants and must be cautious even with prescribed medications.