Jill’s Journey

Growing up I had a fascination with astronomy and all things in the natural world. As a child I was always outside – climbing trees; learning about plants and their cycles. I have such good memories of the expansive freedom of simply being outdoors.

Later in life, I came to astrology.  I was cynical for sure; it sounded ridiculous. The first time I even entertained that it might have some value was reading Autobiography of a Yogi.  Paramahansa Yogananda is my spiritual grandfather, and when he brought up astrology with a few personal anecdotes in his book, I was curious.

As I became a dedicated student of the Holy Kriya lineage through the branch of Goswami Kriyananda and The Temple of Kriya Yoga, I began to realize the larger purpose of studying astrology.  It is an explanation of your karma; it is the guidebook for your soul. It reveals the curriculum you chose when you decided to come here. What special gifts and challenges you chose to evolve through in this lifetime.

If you see no value in astrology, no worries; you keep doing you. I’m not here to convince or persuade you otherwise. But if you are interested in understanding some of the mystical mysteries of being a human being on this beautiful Earth, well; then we have something to talk about.


I began practicing yoga as a way to make peace with my body after childbirth. My practice evolved and is still evolving into a daily way of living and being in the World. I strive for my spiritual life and my Earthly life to be one. I was trained through The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago and I am humbly grateful for the teachings of Goswami Kriyananda and other teachers in the lineage, especially Mary Whitney. My personal growth through astrology comes from study through the Temple, as well as work with George Tripodi and other gifted astrologers.

I founded Uttara Yoga Studio in Roanoke, Virginia in 2008 and it has blossomed into a thriving yoga community. I train and mentor yoga teachers, and I also teach yoga asana, meditation, mindfulness, astrology and breathwork in the Roanoke Valley and beyond.  I am a Barratt Breathwork restorative breathwork practitioner and I offer individual spiritual counseling sessions, astrology consultations, restorative breathwork and tarot readings.  Keep up with me on my blog, www.uttarayogastudio.blog.

And … I’m a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Libra Rising…