Following Mamma Moon

The New Moon or Dark Moon is when the moon is in between the Sun and the Earth.  As the moon becomes visible again this is called “waxing.”  Once the Moon becomes Full it is on the opposite side of the Earth and the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun.  As the Moon slowly becomes shadowed, we call this period “waning.”

The New Moon is the time to launch things; set intention; begin projects.  As the moon builds the energy supports growth and expansion.

The Full Moon brings what was planted during the New Moon to completion.  As the moon wanes and becomes smaller and less visible, the energy is somewhat inhibited and slowed down.

Void of Course Moon is when the moon makes its last aspect to another planet before it changes signs.  This time period can range from minutes to hours.  During void of course moon it is hard to get traction; things started during this time period will have trouble being sustained.