Elements:     air, fire, earth, water


The balance of elements in the chart tell a lot about a person.  Lots of water, very emotional; lots of air, very mental.  Lots of Earth, stable.  Lots of fire, well – yeah.  Fire and water?  Well, they don’t mix well.  Fire and air – yikes.  And on and on …. Often the energies are conflicting; this is where free will enters in.


Cardinal – active; starter; awakening – this is initiating energy – Brahma.

Fixed – internal; reflective; observing – this is sustaining energy – Vishnu.

Mutable – adaptable; fluctuating; shifting – this is adaptable energy – Shiva.

The planets continue to move through space, and because astrology is Earth-centered, this list indicates the approximate length of time it takes for each planet to move around the Earth.



Moon             28 days

Mercury        88 days

Venus             224 ½ days

Sun                 365 ½ days

Mars              1 yr, 322 days

Jupiter           12 years

Saturn            29 ½ years

Uranus           84 years

Neptune        165 years

Pluto              248 years